Decided that I could ride the bike back to Medellin, figuring if I needed parts I could get them. It was a 280 Mile day on a bike with bent front end…. felt every bump along the way. But made it back to Medellin before dark !

It was a good ride, with beautiful scenery. But of course I had lots on my mind, logistics of the repair, what if’s and thoughts of the crash…. plus a rough ride with not front end dampening… But at the same time enjoying the ride!

Had one police stop just to check our documents …. Very friendly and we were on our way quickly.

It is amazing all the things that get carried on motorbikes here.

On the ride, James got hit by a big vulture that flew right into the side of his bike…. Even dented his side bag lid.

Lots of road side stands selling fruit and goods…

And still lots of animals walking along roads, sometimes with farmers taking them somewhere.

Fortunately we ran into Mike from CasaBlanca (cali) & (riding tours of Columbia) and he told us the El Poblado area was booked due to “”fashion Week” but that he was driving over to the other side of the river to find a place…. Thanks Mike

We parked our bikes at the Hotel and jumped into Mikes truck, and got to a decent hotel. Thanks Mike!

Once back in Medellin, off to Ruta 40. Great guys at this dealer, Carlos, David speak english well, and all the mechanics have been great!

They had 19 bikes come in the last day for work Knowing they are busy, we asked if it would help if we pulled the front end apart for them. They were OK with this….. So James and I got to work.

Ok front forks, tripple clamps removed….

Yup. Bent left fork tube.

Hard hit on the handlebar stops

Good News….. Ruta 40 guys think that this can be fixed here, and will start on this in the morning.

Once we pulled apart the bike, we met up with a couple other Moto travelers…. Conor had arrived 2 days ago (, and Sherry Jo Wilkins ( today.

Was fun to reconnect at the Shamrock!

We got to catch up on there harrowing experience on the boat Independence from Panama to Colombia, riding and experiences!

One of the riders that they had met on the boat to Colombia Annie from Scotland riding her Harley Softtail had been in an accident. She got hit by a bus that squished her between the bus and a large truck on her way to Medellin.

She was in the hospital with a broken leg and a broken arm both that need surgery. We decided to go for a visit, so we jumped in two cabs and headed off to show a bit of support for her!!

We arrive and she is out in the courtyard, Albert had brought a Bottle of Wine …. Toasted to a quick and successful recovery!

Annie was in great spirits and waiting for her surgery. Guess they were waiting for her “parts” to arrive for the surgery. Albert had leg surgery after a crash here years ago, and the hospital here is probably one of the best places to have this surgery, as they do this everyday. The number of motorbikes and scooters here is huge. We talked with an english speaking doctor and asked him about how many bike accidents that they see ….. Basically he said that they see tons, and when it rains even more

Albert wanted to make sure that he checked in with Annie as she does not speak much Spanish. He said he would.

We wheeled Annie back to her room…

Her roommate a Colombia girl had a broken leg as well from a moto accident.

The nurses station had a full list of patients and what insurance they had.

Goofing around with the wheel chair…. Looking serious…

Goofing around….

Ooops… Time to go.

So the recap, I am totally fine from the get off. The bike will certainly be fixed ….. and I will be back on the road soon. 🙂 Very thankful that I am Ok, as I have seen what can happen in an accident. Will slow it down and be a bit more cautious as I continue. Got the message thsi time. “slow learner”

Of course it is also a time of reflection as I think about my adventure, thankful for this opportunity to ride, explore the world, and grateful for this time.

Thanks for all the comments and concerns about safety. Truly I am not a reckless rider, this has been a very interesting experience after so many years of no issues. Riding certainly has risk and things change in moments!