Back in Medellin feels very comfortable. Know our way around, large ex patriot group of people here, good food, and you can get errands done.

At the KTM dealer…. They were taking a parts run

Crapes and Waffles has really great and healthy food.

James and Sherri Jo checking out the desserts……. This was fun to watch there excitement.

Tiramisu was really tasty :

James had some ice cream with chocolate dessert.

We all had our cameras out.

being on the road, Conor and the rest of us take advantage of the free wifi to check in with family and friends…. Just giving Conor a hard time and doing it while we were all together.

Across from the hotel we are staying in was a large market and a mix of next and old.

Annie is now out of the hospital after her surgery on her leg and arm. She willl be recoperating while staying at the Shamrock! Wishing her a quick recovery !

We decided to move back over to El Poblado area, so we packed up our gear and got a taxi. They are small with little or no trunk space. So we were jammed in

My front fork was still our of Ruta 40 to get straightened… But have been told it would be back Friday PM or Saturday…… Just have to wait since new parts have to be flown in from US or Germany and take weeks… Patience is a must.

So James and I decided to go back downtown to get a few stickers made.

We go to these guys and they were great!! We had to draw sort of what we wanted and they jumped right in to get it the design, and then make the stickers.

James has hit (or been hit by two Vultures so far) so decided to get a “Vulture Killer” sticker made up

In this area of town you can get al things Moto done. Paint, plastic repair, seats, engine work, parts etc….

Motos just ride up and into this hallway and down to some businesses! great fun to watch!

I had a simple one made for the front of my bike.

Lane splitting our way back to the hostel….

Stopped at Ruta 40 BMW Friday afternoon and the Fork tube arrived repaired…. So we will get it all put back together Saturday AM.

Decided to change out the rear break pads while the rear tire was off…

Back at the Shamrock…. everyone was meeting up. Conor wanted to sit on James GS…. In case he sells his WeeStrom 650.

Getting anxious to get back on the road…. Just need to get my bike put back together Saturday Morning before Ruta 40 closes for the weekend.