My Bike has been at Ruta 40 BMW this week waiting for the front fork to be straighten. They send it out to a machine shop for this work. Two days ago, I checked in and was told it would be another week So I went back down, and talked with David and Carlos. Told them to offer a bit more $ and see if that could be sped up because I had other riders waiting on me. And it is costing to continue to stay in Medellin. They moved the tube to another good shop and said that the fork would be ready Friday after and installed Saturday.

In the mean time, running errands takes up lots of time. James and I rode back down to the section of town that is about 4 blocks of motorcycle and car shops that can work on anything moto. Think it is called La Valladera.

Bikes every size and shape. Being worked on the side of the street or in the hundreds of shops.

This guy I had seen last time, sitting out front of his shop truing a rim.

James parked under the 15 minute parking sign which he did not read until we came back out No ticket we are good

Since I was waiting on my bike to be repaired, I had taken the fairing off and had it repaired and painted. The windscreen was scuffed, which back in the US you would have lived with or bought a new one…. But here, I knew someone would fix it for me (or they offered to just make a new one ).

decided to just get it repaired. Paid Just $10 for the work.

We also stopped back at the sticker shop to add to Annies wheel chair….

These are the two that we designed ….

Annie will be recovering for 6+ weeks….

Got back to Ruta 40 about 12:30 they close at 1PM on Saturdays. Look the forks are back on…. was a bit worried that they would not finish but Carlos one of the owners said that they would stay until it was done. James and I jumped in to help, I put the new rim back on, James helped the Mechanic put the front rim, fender, breaks etc on. Then James and I finished the Handlebars, fairing, etc. We left the shop about 2:30 ready to roll!

Had to run back to the shops to pick up those completed stickers and also my windscreen.

Looks back to new. All the bashing about I have done, but the bike is back together again.

And since I have been riding like a mad man……. New sticker made sense for the back ….

We got back to the Shamrock which has become the hub for moto travelers to stop by, and a few more riders showed up that were on the boat with Conor. Sheri Jo’s bike had a major service and was sitting there. Conor had to give it a try

We ran a few more errands and had a very late lunch.

Conor Bought a new camera.. and as we were looking at all the features we had to laugh at this one.

Sitting at lunch Conor and I got into some deep discussion. Maybe about what is the best oil to ride with, or what tires are better

Looks like I was making a very clear point!

But we needed to ponder this

There were 10 long term moto travelers at the Shamrock. We were there late, sharing stories, watching the local Colombians packing the bars and restaurants around the area. Was like a parade

Our Original plan was to ride out Sunday morning back to the area north east of Medellin. But after a long evening out, and all the rushing around to get my bike fixed, we decided to take a full day off with nothing that had to be done. Smart move, as I was able to pay bills, double check my bike, repack and then rest!!