Woke up this morning to pouring rain in Medellin. We decided to stay in Medellin along with several other riders.

Had a good facebook post from a friend.

Ray Said; ” Aint it nice to be able to say…(to heck with it). It is raining. I think I will just lay around today. You have a gift my friend. Very few of us have that luxury… much less, the opportunity to tour the world on two wheels. I envy you that. I don’t envy the trials you have met, but I envy your freedom!
Keep the rubber on the road, Brother. Keep the rubber on the road.”

Indeed the luxury I really have is Time right now. I am acutely aware of this, and count my blessing for this Adventure and journey.

Started the day with a breakfast of fresh fruit from the guys on the corner and a cup of Colombian coffee!!

Staying now at the Hostel in El Poblando area of Medellin that is a little haven. Just a block from the Shamrock Irish Pub, that is a meeting place for many little groups that are in Medellin, The adventure riders, Mining guys, and other expats from all overt the world.

With an extra day here, we connected up with Conor, Sherri Jo, Kevin, and Annie. Was able to capture a photo of Conor on his own bike as well.

He had this painted on his pannier on his way down, to help answer some of the basic questions of his ride.

Late morning things lighten up, so we took a ride down to all the moto shops.

Back to have some more stickers made for Sherri Jo, and Kevin needed a windscreen buffed out, and his exhaust system cleaned up. Conor needed some chain lube. This is the place.

Helping to explain to the artist how the graphics should look.

The artist applying the new stickers….

As we were having stuff down, it started to rain again, and I had not covered up my sheepskin seat cover Which would get wet and not be fun to ride with. As I walked back to do this, I noticed that one of the vendors I had met couple days ago, was out covering my bike seat and tank bag with a large plastic bag It typifies the great warmth and help that the Colombian people have been. They go out of there way so many time. He was busy working on Motorcycles, but he was watching over my bike, stopped what he was doing to cover my bike. It is amazing and brings a smile to my face in light of all of the violence/drug trade that you have read about in Colombia in our media.

Thanks to my Colombian Moto mechanic who helped a stranger in his country!! Loving Colombia!

Here he is as I came back to thank him, and he was back to work in front of his shop with someones engine in pieces.

Since I will be back on the road……. I figured that my friend LadyBug would be telling me to be careful and stop and smell the roses… Happened upon some appropriate stickers

Riding back up to the hostel, James on his 1200 really stand out. At a light this guy looks up. Then he and James exchange greetings…. I wave and give him a thumbs up!

We got a chance to spring Annie from her spot at the Shamrock. Any riders coming down this way in the next 4-5 weeks be sure to stop and say Hi to Annie as she recovers. She is delightful!

Young James behind the wheel

Had a great dinner in the main square.

Have been in Medellin on and off for almost 3 weeks…. Has been a great place to come and stay. Tomorrow we are back on the road again!. (really )