January 31st, 2013

It is another Date on my calendar. It marks 612 days on this trip, but much more importantly it is the two year Anniversary of my lovely wife, Chris passing away from Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease. She was only 54 years old

I write this later in the day, as I have experienced a wave of emotions starting as soon as I awoke. I took a little time to look for a photo to post to honor the passing of my lovely wife. Shed a few tears for the loss of the love of my life, the plans we had for growing old together, dreams lost, but also my journey in life ahead of me. Someone wished me “peace” this morning, but I already have this in spades. Faith, Hope, Courage and Finishing Strong have been my watchwords for many years now. I do not confuse painful emotion and tears for anything other than what they are.

I had the honor and privilege of loving and being loved by Chris. I took care of her in her years of decline and she has made my life better in more ways than I can express. But Loss is painful. And I know that it is OK to express it in the ways that I feel it.

As I reflect back on my life with Chris it was full of life.

From the day we met

We truly had an amazing love story….

and Marriage

raising my step son in the process

Her beautiful style and legs…. the joy she had in her career in fashion retail and helping others along the way.

Motorcycle rides.

And then caring for her for over 5 years. The experience as a husband then caregiver including the most intimate daily parts of life like dressing, showering, toileting and ultimately loving on her.

and down to her final days we shared LOVE for this I am a very fortunate Man.

and then two years ago. She was gone. We “celebrated” her life together, to say goodbye.

And I will spend a lifetime letting go of the woman that I loved so dearly.
And I have appreciated so much kindness from people in this ADV community, as I have shared my life and stories.

Simply have to say Thank You all for participating in our life!