Today marks the Anniversary of the last breaths that my lovely wife, Chris had on this earth. She ended her journey with Early Onset Alzhiemers Disease which was both full sadness in the reality that those who loved her would not longer be able to see her physically, but also relief that she was with with her Lord God in Heaven and the suffering of this disease was over.

For those that knew, loved and experienced life with her, please take a moment to remember the amazing vibrancy of her life. I know she made my life better in so many way, I miss her dearly. She impacted my life and I consider it the greatest of blessing to have loved and been loved by her! Know that she impacted the lives of many others with her strong personality, directness, compassion and love.

May she Rest In Peace.

Grief and loss are part of life. I have had my share of these, and the emotions one feels as we experience the pain of loss can be overwhelming at times . Last week I started to really think about this upcoming date. It is just another day but how will I handle to emotions of this day. I was not sure. As I awoke early, my brain was in full gear with Memories of my life with Chris, The “long Goodbye” that we shared for many years, and reflecting back on this day 1 year ago where friends and family gathered to say goodbye. WOW. Emotions are like a huge rainstorm flooding my brain.

One year ago. I stood and gave the Eulogy of the woman I loved dearly. It was a time to share in saying goodbye, and I was blessed with Amazing friends and family around me!

Took a quick photo from my iphone to capture this day …. and lighten the moment.

Was so glad for my best friends coming in support. My childhood friend Brooke and his wife Bella, came down and helped me for most of the week and I cannot express the gratitude for there dedication, love and support during these days following my wifes’ death, and all the details of putting on a Memorial Service.

Having Family and dear Friends with us was a great blessing as well.

Just a few more photos that I have with me … The memories make me smile….

One year anniversary on the bench that we met on in a NYC restaurant

Chris with her son Jake.

Walking to raise awareness and Money for the Alzheimer’s Association with her son Jake and Good friend Suzanne!

Time for me to get on with the ride today. Got to pack up and ride out of Medellin into the beautiful Colombian countryside. Will be a day of emotions and hopefully a continued onslaught of great memories of my past life with Chris, family and friends. I intend to be smiling down the road