Had a great New Years Day in Ushuaia

Was fun to see Sherri Jo and Young James

Then rode out of Ushuaia Heading north……

Crossed the Argentinian Border and headed to the Chile Border

SlowPhil heading out on the gravel roads

[IMG]Lots of bikes heading out over the border today

And Bill flies off ahead of us to catch the ferry to Puerto Arenas

as we get near Porvenir it is a great coast road.

Some remote fishing spots

Arrived at to Puerto Arenas and Hostal Fitz Roy in the rain 🙁 But it was clear in the morning and SlowPhil had an appointment with Motoadventura Guy to get new tires. Phil Pole dancing?

Bill and SlowPhil saying goodbye

Alejandro runs a very tidy and organized shop!

Funny…. Oregon plate on the wall. Made me smile

My sticker added

My sticker … Always near Kiwirider

After a long morning getting Phil sorted out…. We split off as I headed to Puerto Natalies and Phil toward BA

Pleasure meeting and riding with you!!

A windy ride up Rn 9 to Puerto Natalies….



Arrived in Puerto Natalies yesterday afternoon. Was going to ride into the park and camp, but needed some supplies so decided to stay at this hostel. Erractic Rock. Friends stayed here, and really liked it. It is owned by a guy from Portland, Oregon And most of the staff right now is from Portland area as well. Was crazy talking with them and things from home.

After awhile, Trisha says …. You should meet David who was here a few days ago…………. He was on a ship in Antarctica too….. He is at the hostel around the corner. OK. Then she says he met a guy riding a bike called “Radioman”, and Julie says ……. “Thats Mark” Small world.

Later met up with David and Arnout that were my roommates on the Plancius!!! They are both traveling for longer periods of time as well, so i will see them again as we head north to El Calafate /El Chatlen

Once again I met some amazing people in this hostel 2 lovely KIWI ladies, a Woman from Seattle nad the staff members from the Hostel are fantastic. They did not have moto parking at the hostel but found me a spot for my bike just half a block away!! Great!!