So trying to stay off my knee proves a bit difficult as we changed places to stay, and wanted to see some of Cartagena

We moved to the EL Centro area which is much more upscale. was not offered drugs or anything as we walked about

Saw some street dancers….

lots of cool sights with the buildings and the people.

This part of the city was being cleaned all the time.

Lots of hats for sale.

cool beach bike rolled by.

Lots of interesting door knockers.

and lots of street vendors.

Lots to see in Cartagena…. But best way is walking So I did not go far and then rested.

lot of sculptures around.

The old city is a large fortress.

James walking the top.

We had to get something to eat for dinner, so we wandered a bit. This guy came up to us and wanted to sell us a BMW motorcycle that he said a british guy had given to him….. Who knows what the story was on this…

lots of lighted symbols in the parks…. making it festive around town.

Then back to the hotel to continue resting and icing my knee.

I had hurt my knee a couple times in my youth and it has flared up now and again over the past 30 years. This is by far the worst it has ever gotten. Everything I am reading says to stay off of it and ice it until it heals up. So I will try to take it easy, but it is hard to sit still.