So we all arrive at 8:30 Am to customs office. There are 10 of us waiting…… At 9:30 an inspector comes with paperwork for 2 bikes and they go check the vin’s, plates etc. Then later two more….. We are all waiting. Felt like we were all sitting on a long bus ride.

The Customs “fixer” that Stahlratte hires to get the paperwork walks in at 10:30…..talks to Rollie from the crew, wanders back to customs and tells us we need to wait until “el Chief” or “El Heffe” gets there to sign the final documents. 30 minutes or so….. an hour and half later …. We are told she will arrive about 1 PM….

We tell them we will leave and get something to eat and be back before 1PM.

We walk to have lunch a couple blocks away…. My knee is really hurting from the extra walking about
As we get back at 12:45 the guard is telling us to hurry the boss is there and ready to sign the paperwork before leaving.

We go one by one to her office, sign a couple places and then we are done!! Success after my longest border crossing taking parts of two days and 7+ hours… But the office was air conditioned, and chairs were comfortable. But since we did not handle any of the details if felt really silly as we could have been done earlier if we had just done the paperwork ourselves, but it was all set up with Stahlratte so we just were stuck with the process.

James gets his paperwork done!

Next issue is to get Moto insurance for Columbia which is required adn we have been told if you ride without and get stopped they impound your bike. But it is Saturday of a 3 day weekend.

We all ride down to the nearest Insurance “suguro” business. It is closed

Looks like we are stuck in Cartagena until Tuesday unless we ride without insurance.

On our ride back to the hotel James and I wanted to get our bikes cleaned of all the extra salt water.

Found one and the guys went right to work. One guy on each bike.

They sprayed lots of soap out of a coke bottle and compressed air… They got us chairs so we could watch.

Strange thing. just hanging out while they washed away the grim….. My bike has not been this clean since I bought it.

Getting the bike all clean….

Hello Kitty from Cathy is a bit dirty and messed about…. On her way to Bolivia Salt Flats


They spent about 1.5 cleaning our bikes for $5 wash. Then I put gear back on and we were off to get to the hotel.

We had a great ride through Cartagena. Was really great to be on our bikes, no load, riding through traffic Columbia style

The Kids in the back of this Cab, were really funny as they saw our bikes. Huge eyes as they all turned around and stared at us. We waved!!

We arrived back at the hotel and they had us park our bike out out front. It was funny to sit and watch people walk by, take photos and look at the bikes. At 6PM they let us move our bikes into the lobby.

Then we went out with Captain Ludwig and everyone that was on the Stahlratte Crossing.

and a Tee shirt too!

Had a great time with Tony and His son Pablo from Germany!! They are riding to Brazil from Mexico for 2.5 months. really great to meet them!! And Thanks for the medication for my knee!!!