El Chatlen, Chile In Patagonia …… Then riding north

Left El Chalten on a beautiful morning.

Leaving Mt Fitz Roy behind.

Left at 7am so that I could meet up with “youngest” Ollie so that we could ride up the Windy, gravelly Ruta 40. He is an 18 year old British guy who is in his “Gap Year” before University. He decided to do something very different from his friends typical Gap year, party in Asia and Ride a motorcycle Ushuaia to Alaska on his own. Also added riding it to raise awareness and money for Fisher House Which is a charity that helps families of injured service Men.

Charity website is:

If so inclined go to Ollies Facebook page and “like it”


and his own web page: www.olliesodyssey.org.uk

He has only had his moto License for 4 months and not much riding time. So he is learning by doing And riding the long places on Ruta 40 as a starting point is not easy!

We rolled through Tres Largo, and kept heading north. He was doing really well although he said all he could do was stay focused on the ride, no sightseeing

We came off a bit of Tarmac and it was deep rutted with some big loose gravel on the ridges. I look back…. and he had gotten into the heavy stuff. Had to come back and take the photo and help him lift the bike, couple German tourists in a car also stopped to help.

He is fine, not hurt And the bike was fine as well. Just a few scratches and a hole in his small metal gas can. encouraged him, that we all have taken a get off, to take a few minutes and relax. But of course the confidence is shaken But back on the horse and kept riding. Few Pep talks along the way and we rode about 600KM all the way up to Chile Chico.

Some beautiful scenery along the way…

Then crossing out of Argentina and into Chile. Told him to check his paperwork closely, and sure enough they had something wrong. Back into the Aduana for the to get it fixed. Better to get it right at the time it happens.

When we arrived in Chile Chico, there were some amazing clouds!!

The sunset colors were unreal….

We had some fairly heavy winds coming up the Ruta 40, but the sun was out! Having ridden down just 1 1/2 months ago I was amazed how the road had changed, some worse, some better.

Was looking forward to being back in the beautiful Caraterra Austral.