Well, as all good things come to an end, so has my motorcycle riding in India But had my last ride down from the 7,000 foot level to Dehli which is in the plains and will be very hot this time of year. It was 113 degree F when I rode into to Dehli with a bit of blowing Sand

Of course riding in India you are likely to see many things that you have not seen before. They types of vehicles, people, things are so amazing. It was too hot to stop and get more photos so some moving ones will work.

Then you see things being carried on bikes. How would this go over in the states?

You see lots of types of cars. Here is an Ambasador

The contrasts in India are huge.on the right is a BMW 5 series probably a $100K car, and then other in the auto rickshaw, jammed in will never earn 100K total in their entire lives.

All he petrol trucks that were on strike in the mountains….

Open stretch of toll road, Temples in interesting spots.

It is really hot and it is only 11Am as I approach Delhi.

No room on the rickshaw so just hang on the back!

Ahh yes Dehli traffic, but only the last few miles to CJ’s House. Will talk more about Delhi traffic in my India Perspectives post later. But let’s just say……. I loved riding in it

Almost there!

Was great to get into CJ’s early in the day. We got to hang out and then go to dinner! CJ is an awesome host and I am honored to be staying with Him and his lovely family! For me this really make my India trip worthwhile! Seeing life with CJ and his Family!

We have some Lichi for a snack in the afternoon.

Then CJ and I head out for dinner in Delhi!

Italian Buffet….. Better sample everything!

CJ looks happy….and Hungry

and then Desserts …… Just because CJ posts so many food shots on FB.

More on my time in Delhi coming up…….