Back with CJ and family in Delhi. Time to relax and enjoy their company!! So glad that I met CJ 5 years ago on his International Friendship tour! ADV community coming together to share the world with each other. Very cool!! And Cj gave me an extra sticker!

So much to take in all around me. Love the 3 wheel bikes that haul people, goods, and services everywhere you go!

But it is funny that you still see some sort of familiar products.

So it was time to return the Moto to the rental place. Had trouble starting the bike as the battery was down. It was 44C (HOT)…. finally got it started and followed CJ through Delhi to return the bike….

They checked out the bike, and we had discussions about the engine issues. I personally was not worried about the costs I incurred as it is part of the trip. I have a budget and I was falling under my $50 per day even with the extra costs. I told this to CJ prior to getting there, knowing that they would not give me back the repair costs (they did not have that much profit built into the rental).

While in Shimla a Monkey chewed the top of my seat cover into the foam, and the tank was damaged on the truck by the handlebar of another bike…. and a few other items…

We worked it out but it took time. Probably should have had more discussion about what if a break down happens, but I did not. If anyone else is renting it would be good to clarify. In Manali they take responsibility for the engine, but most of their rentals are local and they can send a mechanic to fix it….. Different circumstances!

Sitting on CJ’s Scrambler….. it is for sale.

Another cool old bike for sale with Brass logo’s and levers.

Shrine of Royal Enfield

Have always loved tools hanging up. Some of these are custom made over the years.

It still amazes me how many people can fit on a motorcycle, and it has been hard to capture this….. Here’s one family. Seen so many of them. As an american, I always chuckle to myself ….. Could you imagine if I did this in the US
I’d be arrested as unsafe, on the news as child abuse and endangerment, etc But here it is a way of life.

CJ had driven as we were heading to his Sister in Laws house. Parking his car, and the attendant had a huge ring of keys…

We had a nice time with Richa’s family then back home. !!

Next morning I had arranged to take a cab down to Agra to see the Taj Mahal. It was going to be 110 degrees and everything I read or head said, just get there by transport not moto (especially this time of year). So I had a 4 hour drive down, but got to sit back and let someone else do the driving. Taking in the sights…

Camels along the road….

Rickshaws Packed with people, as I sit in my cab. As a westerner it is hard not to be reflective on how much you have compared to so many around the globe. For me to go see the Taj Mahal like this was part of my trip. Would not miss it, but it could be a month or two or three of income for someone here. It is hard to really understand.

Then the moto’s

Had to stop for some permit, and the venders were on us….. Selling to the rich tourists heading to Agra.

and a kid with a cobra wanting $$ for a photo. No thanks.

Motos carry everything….

Lots of bricks to be hauled to building projects

Trucks and rickshaws all have signs telling you to Blow Horn to let them know you are passing or to move over. Riding here has been a blast, as there is a flow to it. And you need to use your horn to communicate.

Along the entire drive, there are shops with produce, products etc.

And education is always advertised. It is a critical thing in India to get educated …. of course you have to be in the right “caste” and have the money. It is very competitive as well.

OK. They once in a lifetime sightseeing trip….

And then I arrive at the Taj Mahal. I had arranged to have an English speaking guide to show me the Taj and give me more information

This is the main entrance after you pass through security and checkpoint.It happens that I arrive on the only FREE entrance day of the year! Save $750 Rupee.

As you walk up the scale gets bigger.

It is amazing as all the artwork on the Taj Mahal is inlaid semi precious stones.

As you walk through the heat….. You know what your about to see (we have all seen lots of photos), but unprepared as well.

Takes your breath away. It is stunning to see.

Millions of visitors every year….

Oh yea!! Got to get a jump in…. But the tour guide could not figure out how to get the jump photo… This was the best one as sweat was streaming down my body….

As you walk around and here the history. Built for his wife who died in Child birth. It took 22 years, 20,000 workers it is amazing.

It is cool to see.

Remember all inlaid not painted.

Note the people wanting in line to go in…… Scale.

The Agra fort along the river.

The Mosque on one side.

Inlaid all around..

families getting their photos taken.

The guide made me do this one……

A rickshaw back to the taxi….

5 hour drive back to CJ’s. Long day but worth seeing the Taj Mahal.