Manali is at 6,500 feet at the base of Rohtang Pass. The mountains are beautiful!

All the stores are packed with goods, and they shop owner knows where they all are.

The other day as MoBill and I had lunch, I kept watching ladies walking by carrying large loads ….

Taking a walk around town to see how the buildings are built.

These two girls were too cute!


We ate dinner, great food and the Dali Lama was watching over MoBill

Animals in the streets on the way home!

MoBill had a power cable for his Dell Laptop fry, but fortunately he found one at the computer store in Manali!

MoBill and Ramesh who works at our hotel and is really great!!

and a Temple in Manali

Had to stop at India Post 🙂

The way they package their shipments is amazing!

The guy next to me was shipping a package to West Lebanon, IN which is where my brother in law lives. Crazy.

Temple in Town.

Daytime in town is mild, but really picks up later in the evening!

Street vendors selling all kinds of things.

and the street food looks good!

Loving all the nuts and spices out for sale.

We went to check on the progress of our bikes and MoBill gets into dialog with the shopkeeper next door and the others! Great interactions all around. Nice!

Bought a new hat today !

This is the second shirt I had stitched in Leh. It shows all the mountains passes and elevations that we rode!!