As my Trip in India came to a close, I have to really thank CJ, Richa and Ida Sofia for such helping me so much on setting up this ride, bike rentals, and hospitality while in Delhi. The past year I have been on the road I have been in so many hotels and hostel, that staying with a family is a real treat!!

Words do not describe my gratitude…

Jumped in a cab and headed for the airport….. Waving goodbye from the street!

Huge airport as I arrive at the International gate with lots of time to get checked in and relax before my flight.

I arrived at the international terminal and I had booked my flights on Delta. All good on the flight to Delhi, as I was on one of the partner airlines KLM. But on my return they had me on Air India for the first leg, then Air France on the second leg….. So I arrive, had to get my itinerary printed out as I had not done it ahead of time. Of course they would not let me into the terminal without the print out But found the “visitor” entrance and some airline offices ….. when to air India office thinking I am flying out with them. Reasonable. They took a long time and basically said they have no record of my ticket in their system? Went to KLM desk, and they were able to print out my emailed itinerary, so I head for the Air India counter to see what they can tell me……. Again long questioning look, and the gate agent, told me to wait and off she went. Another Manager comes over to ask if I need help, and I am a bit exasperated…. He says” no need to be upset” …. you americans get upset :loll After 45 minutes they say that they do not have the ticket in their system, so it did not get transfer right…. But there is NO Delta counter…. Finally figure out that KLM desk will be the one to handle it….Wait for them to open as they do not have a flight until later.

KLM service desk was great, they printed new paperwork out, said this should work. Back I go. NO still no record. Back to KLM service desk, they guy sees me and brings me to the front, and I tell them the saga. He finally rebooks me on a double connection with KLM through Amsterdam….. One of those times that lots of patience is needed as they work it all out.

So once in past security and finding my gate….. I have a bit of time to kill. and I see this place.

Looks like a good way to spend a few hours before my 23 hours of flying….

The Pod has a bed, desk, tv. fan…..

I take a 2 hour nap….. then get to my gate to board my flight back to the Good Old USA.

Some Big artwork in the airport…

Up Up and Away…..

Great views watching the sun come up.

Airports have some cool architecture….

Then back into the USA. I am stopping to see a friend in Florida on my way to Portland. Will update this thread soon with a recap and thoughts on India…

So stay tuned……