Arrived in this Hilltop city to enjoy the relative cool of the weather! It was the British summer area way back in history.

Funny to see the Monkeys all around the old buildings.

As I get up early and walk the Mall road and ridge road, there are people out sweeping the trash that gets thrown down each day by the tourists. Very few western tourists that I have seen here, but it is a big vacation spot for India tourists.

There is a temple and statue that overlook the city.

The local fire department

Not the newest of equipment. Maybe the British left them here?

More monkeys feasting on the trash.

Had a good breakfast at the local coffee shop

Great old advertising for Coffee.

Lots of kids up early to go to school.

There is a great deal of smoke in the valleys around town. Do not know how much is garbage burning and how much is just fires…

As I sit on Mall road to just enjoy the cool morning in town…..

Kids are waiting to go to school

Pretty soon I have a crowd of kids around me …… It was an incredible experience. Started with one kid wanting to talk to me in English….. Then he wanted to try on my “googles”

Pretty soon it was about 20 + kids. Some really shy, but soon the ice is broken and the questions come. Where are you from? Handshakes all around. First time in India, Who is your favorite WWE fighter?, Cricket player? What is the name of your wife (could not tell them about her today, did not want to change the moments) What is your fathers name? Mother?, Grandfather, Grandmother? etc…. We were having so much fun.

Wanted to get a group shot with me and handed my camera to a guy who I think was a teacher….. He shot these. Radioman is right in the middle of all this.

Then I gave them my business cards. They were thrilled, but I ran out so only some of them had the prize :loll

Had a great interaction with the kids. And it was amazing to watch the adults walk by with Huge grins on there faces as they witnessed this fun interaction.

Then a stop at the internet cafe to check email, make a Skype call 🙂 and upload my posts….

Having a great couple days before I head back to Delhi.

I also needed to have the Enfield looked at again, as the shifting was a bit funny, it would not start because the battery was low this am, and I was leaking some oil. I stayed at Spars Lodge and the son of the owner rides a bike. He told me where to take it and said the mechanic was really good!

I ride into Lovenesh Motors, and the Son had called and told them I was on the way. The mechanic comes out, asks what is wrong.

He promptly rolls the bike back and takes off down the street…..

When he returns he dials the Son back up, tells him this bike needs a lot of work

He says it is best to just ride back to Delhi and return the bike to the rental place But he does fix the steering head which was loose and none of the other mechanics did after I asked them about it…. He also filled the empty cels on the battery….

Then back up to Shimla. The owner of the hotel was telling me that there is no Petrol in town either….. A trucking strike. I have about a half tank and hope that there will be petrol as I ride down toward Delhi!!

Lots of people out in town. There is a large Christian Church in town as well.

With big views out over the hills

and old building from back in the times of British rule

Sunset over Shimla

Met up with another traveler and checked out the fancy hotel down the street….

Having a great couple days before I head back to Delhi.