Packed up early and started riding by 7am. The distances I am traveling in India are not that far, but it takes a long time to get there Riding from Manali at the base of the Rohtang Pass over to Dharmsala and McLeodganj which is the location of the Exiled Tibetan government and Dali Lama.

Amazing views out of the valley.

Today I saw lots of Monkeys along the roadway. They stayed on the guard rail, until people stopped, then they knew it was time for food

In the towns I rode through the school kids were out “protesting” or “celebrating” not sure which.

There photos fail to really show the landscape. The hills are all terraced for farming in this area. Spectacular….

We be here for a few days as the Dali Lama is in town…. Should be interesting. Need to get my permits for the events today.