The Dali Lama was teaching here for 3 days, so I attended one of the sessions. I really do not know anything about Buddhism so it was an interesting experience.

He looks likes this in person as he entered right where I ended up standing. Like many people that you have seen in the Media it was interesting to see the entrance and how people reacted.

The Lines to get in through security were long. No camera’s, Cell phone, etc.

A huge mix of people coming to hear him speak

Note the cow wander right through the crowd. So normal to see Cows, Goats, Sheep etc wandering through the streets all around.

The Temple he was speaking in is just under the white tent areas. You had to have a radian to tune into the translation in English.

Down the Temple road there are plenty of vendors selling all kinds of stuff to the visitors. This guy was cooking corn over some coals

These ladies were hauling pots full of sand on their heads, taking them up to some building project

No exactly sure what this means….. Dressed Chicken

I am riding to Amritsar which is the city with the Golden Temple (Sikh) tomorrow Morning. riding down into the plains where the temps will be hot but wanted to see this and the Indian / Pakastan border closing ceremony before heading back into the mountains!

India is an amazing place to experience. The cultures and people are truly amazing. So glad that I made this part of my trip!