I left McCleodGanj and the Dali Lama to ride down into the plains to Amritsar. Decided that since it was “close” I should go see the Golden Temple and also the India / Pakastan border crossing ceremony. But I also knew that leaving the Himalaya Mountains means it will be hot. The weather was 45C (113 Degree F) in Amritsar Too hot for me…

As I ride through the countryside It is interesting to take in the scenery but mostly the way of life here. Building materials stacked on the side of the road to be hand carried to the project. Roadwork done by hand mostly. Lots of laborers working in the hot sun to build, repair by hand. Amazing

And as always, people on small motos carrying all kinds of goods…. Looks like Milk deliveries today

Riding in the Punjab now….

Love the signage in India!!

Riding through the heat…

The hay trucks are fully loaded….

The moto is a basic mode of transport. You see families, with 3-4 people and No gear on.

I arrived into Amritsar just afternoon, and took a tour out to the border ceremony. On the way we stopped at the Mata Temple. “One of the most popular Hindu pilgrimage sites of the state of Punjab, the Mata Mandir Temple is a prime Amritsar Tourist Attraction” It was strange and interesting at the same time.

One of the girls in the group from Australia is Blond, and so many times people wanted photos with her….

It went on and on, with many corridors and shrines set up…

Then off to the Border crossing Ceremony at Wagah

List of things at the border. Note #7

This is a very popular tourist site for Indians….. I was told 80 thousand come each day

It was a crazy rush of people…

The Soldier on Horse back was separating the crowd. Woman on the left and Men on the right to pass through Security. You could not have any bags with you at all. The boys expression in the photo sort of says it all….

People everywhere….


Once up to the gates…. It is a stadium of seating on the India Side of the border and also the Pakastan side.
As westerners, we could go to a VIP section nearer the front.

As the time to start draws near…. They have India’s from the crowd come down to wave the Indian flag and run up to the border to the cheers of the crowds!

Serious hats for some soldiers….. Checking in VIP guests.

And the ceremony starts….

It is a great show as both sides have there marches and posturing. The crowd Loves it!

Then the High Step….

It is a gate closing ceremony, so all the marching, and posturing of the soldiers is created by great cheers. They also take down the flags. Note the guys with Guns on either end of the gate.

Flags coming down…

Then the flag is down, border is closed… It was quite the show.

We head down…. The rest of the crowd cannot come to the front of the gate.

Here is the India gate, and just behind it is the Pakastan gate. Both painted in the colors of their flags.

Heading back to the car, and then back into Amritsar.

We then visit the Sikh’s Golden Temple.

When you walk into the temple you must do a few things.

Take your shoes off

Walk through the water to cleanse your feet.

And cover your head with a covering

It is huge and very interesting. Photos just do not capture the size of things….

This was the group of people I did the border crossing and the Golden Temple. 3 from Australia, one from England, One from Germany, One from Calcutta India… We had fun together!