Did not have very good internet, so have been delayed getting updated….. Last Wednesday Stayed in this great place on the Ocean. http://www.singingkettle.co.za Awoke to sound of crashing waves and light rain, but it was still was wonderful! Had a morning cup of coffee and breakfast on my deck overlooking it all. With more time, I would have stayed here much longer But needed to keep moving toward Cape Town and my deadline for crating the bike up. As I finally go going and riding along the beach homes, this one stood out. Also had a very nice Skype message from Lily and Tina (the dog) telling me they missed me at “home”. Jorg and Lily have been so great and made their home, my South African Home. Road out to the main road….. Am I sure I need to leave? But yes onward along the coastal part of the Garden Route. No rain really just grey skies….. (maybe just a little preparation for going home ) Through Knysna, Wilderness, Victoria Bay, George, Mossell Bay, I go. I know that a big storm is coming in and before the end of last week it would be fully hitting the coastline….. So I carry on to Swellendam, so that I can ride early to Strand and avoid the weather! Stayed at a little place called Grace Walk B&B. Ester and her husband run the place and were great! http://www.gracewalk.co.za In the morning I had breakfast and started talking with their Son Martin and 2 other guys who were staying there as they did their Telcom work. All very interested in my ride. Even took a few photo! Martin is a skilled artisan and gave me a very cool cross that he made. Most kind! and very generous! Thanks Martin As I rode west, had my first South African road block stop. They were just checking driver licenses and registration. No Reg Disk Oh…. Foreign plate Ok go ahead! As I stopped for my last gas stop in South Africa….. I watched as the Shot Gun toting security guy was very watchful as the armored car made it’s stop. Then I rode out along the wonderful coastline…. The storm was building in the mountains. I headed for Blue sky ! Last bit of Gravel road …… Then carried on along the coastline. The wind was picking up and clouds folded the mountains….. I have been along this road before. felling good! The ground was wet….. But not raining now. Fortunately for me, the online forecast was perfect….. Rolled through Rooi els….still no rain, but the dark clouds were off the coastline now. Continued on the coastline, on the famous Clarence Drive I arrive Strand early afternoon. Get settled into my B & B , and then the rain starts…… And did it rain! WOW. Flooding everywhere. 90 MM that afternoon. Flooding everywhere. Glad I was off the bike and warm and dry. Rained the entire next day as well. But I stopped for two nights Normally a very nice Beach with lots of people enjoying the summer sun…. But not today! Wow. They evacuated the Hospital, 3 people died because of the flood. Very Sad. I met up with a friend for dinner, great conversation, and laughter while all the rain come down. We had a great evening talking! Then back to Jorg and Lily’s Sunday morning to get the bike all clean up and repacked for the next part of the Adventure. on the way home. BMW Police cars? Monday Morning early I needed to ride the final Kilometers to the Airport to meet with the Customs official and get the bikes Carnet signed and approved for air freighting! Jorg snapped a photo as I left! Arrived at the Shippers office, on time….. Atlantic BMW of Cape Town gave me a crate and I had it delivered here. Great It was ready and Waiting ! Thanks Lynn for the help! Got the bike on the crate, ready for Customs, to Verify VIN, and paperwork. Left the front on so they had easier access to vin on the steering head. Nazeem and his guys were great helping hold the bike while I remove the front wheel, and get it all crated up! One of the guys had a bike, and loved checking out my bike. He wants to move up to a DS bike for longer rides. Also talked about riding gear, safety etc. Bike all crated and ready to go. Has been an interesting set of emotions as I rode the final distance, and packed up the bike knowing this was the last shipment of the trip. Still a long ways yet to travel after reaching LAX. I had a smile, relaxed and thinking about all the people I have met, places I have ridden, and experiences that I have had. WOW. I do not know anything about what the future holds. Just looking forward to the month ahead as I ride back to the PNW, stopping to see my Brother and Step Son in Arizona, and meet up with some great Adv riders along the way. Just living the moment. This ride has been amazing. Know I have grieved, grown and changed! Will be trying to put this into words as I finally ride into my driveway later in December. Had a little issue with my Carnet, as I did not stamp out of South Africa while crossing into Botswana. The customs guys just said, No you do not need to…. Carry on. My passport is all correct and documented…. They stamped me out, but one page is not complete, and I certainly do not want to have issue claiming my deposit. It has been escalated up to Higher levels in Pretoria, and I need to make a call to AAA tonight to be certain all is well. Just part of traveling with a moto! Will get things sorted!
I wait at the security gate for Jorg to fetch me, and the guard gave me a chair!! Relax. (but it feels strange to no longer have my Bike to ride) New adventures Ahead!