Leaving Queenstown and onto Milford Sound!

I have been very fortunate to have such great weather on my ride. In the 21 months on the road now, I have only had 3-4 days that I have had to ride in the rain 🙂 Watching the weather for certain places to ride has been helpful for seeing spectacular places with good weather, that and having time to adjust my routes to take advantage of weather!

Said goodbye to Dick and Diana Hubbard. My friends and wonderful, generous Hosts who have shared to much with me in my time in NZ (and SA)! Cannot thank them enough, and also know that it is only goodbye until we meet up again somewhere!!

All packed up. Ready to ride again!

On the road again…

Then I stopped on the other side of the lake to pick up a jacket I had left there the night before. Had a wonderful chat with Anne and Joe (and Barbara) before I headed back onto the road! Thank You so much for dinner and Pie!!

Thanks! Hope to see you at your new place in Idaho! More Americans loose in the world! More great experiences for me as I meet amazing people!

I arrived in Manapouri and found a motel. Got a Motorcycle discount!! Has a view out to the Fjords and lake across the street and I will be able to walk to my Doubtful Sound boat trip!

But the weather looks better going to Milford Sound in the morning!

I roll out of town the next morning for the 120Km ride to Milford Sound!

I love the road signs here. Lots of tourists that need reminders of which side of the road to be on 🙂

Feels like fall. This was the coldest I had ridden in since leaving Ushuaia couple months ago. It was cool and crisp!!

Riding up the road to Fjordland National park. I just knew that it would be an amazing ride with scenery that you cannot capture!

Scenery to great to capture, and nice twisty roads. Great combination, but did not encourage me to stop riding….. until the end of the road!

Stunning and huge rock faces…. Makes you feel very small and insignificant. But also in awe of the beauty of the area!

Through the tunnel to the other side.

Arriving at the end of the road. Sun is shining, blue skies, not one cloud to be seen. That is amazing as Milford gets 10-14 Meters of rain each year

I walk down to the dock and pay for a cruise on the sound. Look my ship has arrived!

Some waterfalls, but it has been a dry year so not too many to see.

It is hard to gain perspective of the size of the fjord. But look for the boats ….

As with many of the main attractions, there are tour buses loaded with travelers. We happened to be on a boat full of Chinese tourists.

Everyone stacking up on the railing to get the perfect shot!

We cruise out to the edge of the Tasman Sea! Normally there are big swells here, but not today

I met two very nice american woman. Holly and Marisa! Great sharing the boat ride together, even if the bees where attacking you both! They are in the crowd trying to get the fur seal photos!

Amazing day. No wind, warm, sunny! Really amazing!!

Difficult lighting, but huge waterfall.

Just a stunning place!!

You can clearly see the path of the glaciers

As I ride back out of the park. the size of the rock face is amazing!

back out of the tunnel.

fortunately I passed all the cars and buses heading up the hill, and had clear road ahead of me !!

Had an awesome ride back to the motel. Great weather, sunset on the deck of the motel.

An Epic sightseeing day!!