After visiting the doctor and getting some Antibiotics ….. it has taken a few days but I am certainly on the rebound. Normally I am a healthy guy. Had food poisoning in Mexico (just ask Sam 🙂 and this is the only other medical issue I have had. I took the safe path, and got checked out as I was feeling pretty bad, and was concerned that it might be something worse…. so was glad that it was not, and I am on the mend. Took some days resting in bed, reading and sleeping.

Thanks to James I have some photos of myself during my trip.

Saturday we decided to ride up to Otavalo to the Saturday market. It was a two hour ride north. Have to say I was fairly tired on the ride up, but really glad we did the ride It is an interesting market with lots of indigenous peoples in colorful and interesting dress.

The market was typical in that it had lots of produce for sale.

Loved the hats the people were wearing.

Lots of beans to choose from as they were “shucking” them right there.

James using my camera as he captures this woman eating a piece of watermelon.

James photo…

We both were laughing as we tower over everyone in the market. James took this photo …… Can you spot Radioman?

This woman had a large basket on her head… Amazing to see how she could move around with ease.

Family in a bicycle cart… Riding through the crowds.

And there was street music…

Saw this guy hauling a big sack of produce…. Have seen this all along the trip.

Then we moved onto the “food court”

It’s all normal here.

And all kinds of beans for sale.

Loved the way they stacked the Tomato’s to sell them.

This is a great photo of the mother and daughter….. James took the shot as I engaged with Mom and the little girl. It took awhile to get her to smile….. but she did!

Back at the bikes….

and when we arrived back in quito ….. We found a Vegetarian restaurant to eat in. Not to worry I am not just eating pizza those tend to be the photos with other people. Had a big Mango/Banana fresh blended drink and nice fresh burrito.

We had a major downpour on the ride back into Quito……. And again as we had lunch! But was a good day riding and exploring

Still a bit worn out by the illness, but needed to get out for most of the day! Rested after we returned !!