In our exploring around Quito we had wanted to find the other Equator Monuments. We rode about 1.5 hours north toward Cayambe to find the one on the Panamerica Hwy. Somehow on our ride down we did not see it, although you cross the equator many times as the road weaves through the hills.

But we did find it. There are actually two right across the street …..

This one was for my friend Sunnysideup! Hola Erica

And a few more photos as we enjoyed having the “sundial” to ourselves.

This is the place that we stopped. No one was around so we rode out for the photo ops!

Then across the street is this monument but it is not marked and there was no one here either.

Were here…..

Yup. Ridden this far….

But needed to take a few more photo’s. Young James Standing on top of the world!

On Top of the world!!

Grabbing the world and taking it with me!

Young James just thinking about riding the world.

After we rode back to Quito, it is time for me to prepare my bike for storage. Clean and lube all moving parts, do an oil change, and fill the gas tank and add fuel stabilizer. Will be riding it to a friend of Klaus who owns the Casa Helbling where I can store my bike undercover while I am gone.

Tomorrow is the day that I will be moving my bike to storage….. It will be strange not having a bike to ride, packing all my gear up except the little bit I will need to travel to the Galapagos Islands next week. Changing from Biker to Tourist starting tomorrow. (of course I will be without a bike for two weeks until I arrive home. Then I will have my other bikes to ride