I had arranged to store my bike at a families home outside of Quito. Prepared the bike for the 4 month stay, and Antonio and his daughter arrived at 9:30 Am to guide me to their home. Meyta Spoke english so that was helpful!

I left Young James Bike and Hectors and rode my bike to it’s new home ….. Very Strange to be packing my bike away as I have been on this bike for the past 6 months practically everyday.

They had a spot right by their back door. I disconnected the battery, locked it all up and trust that it will be here when I return

Antonio and his lovely wife were very friendly and warm. Gave me some fresh fruit drink and told me about their family. They live on the property and so do their three daughters! Each has their own house on the property.

After getting my bike all prepared for the storage, Antonio drove me into town to get a taxi back to Quito. On the way we stopped so that he could get a battery drained of its acid as it was no longer working. Love being apart of daily life here!

My taxi driver was great! Wanted to ask lots of questions!

We were right behind a pick up truck full of kids from a Futball school. They were all just hanging on in the back. The US is not longer like this, everyone would need to be buckled in their own seat.

The Taxi driver has his Ferrari cel phone…. It is amazing how popular the Ferrari logo is in all of latin America

When I returned to Casa Helbling I packed up the rest of my riding gear and hard cases and stored them. I am now just a regular tourist Just a small bag of cloths, camera and computer. Feels very weird.

But it is another transition as I have a Vacation trip to the Galapagos Islands starting next week! Should be amazing to see the Turtles, Sharks and other wildlife !! Looking forward to my friends Arrival and exploring around.

Young James will be hanging out here for a bit longer before he rides back up to Colombia. We had a last great ride together up to the Equator and then a “bike” night in plaza Fochs where he had the fun of blowing past some young guys on sports bikes….. I am not sure they knew what to think of a huge guy standing on his pegs of his 1200GSA and blowing right past all of them …… We had a good laugh