Canoa is a beach town. If your young and a surfer then I think you can stay for a long time. But we were ready to ride on, back into the mountains of Ecuador.

The beach is always great for a visit. In Canoa the fisherman keep there boats on the beach. They roll them out of the water on logs ….

They carry there fishing nets and gear in colorful wraps.

It is a much busier town on weekends…

Catching Sunset ….. Me and the Local checking it out.

Lots to do in Canoa

It started raining about 1 Am…. And woke up to more rain. It has been raining a great deal here the past month…
James looking out his window.

Not sure what to make of the Rain.

The main beach road was muddy and slippery

Lots of standing water

But we rode out of town and up the coast before turning toward the mountains. Had a great ride. About 240 Miles before arriving at the “cloud forest” town of Mindo.

Did not really take any photos as my large camera in my tank bag it too hard to take out on the road and shoot photo 🙁

Arrived here before the rain started.

A really great Hotel for $16.00 PP. Had a great dinner and checked up the web!