Stayed in Mindo at a great place, owners Susan and Louis are wonderful. Really a great place to hang out.

While here decided to adventure the local way.

No other photos but a short video that a put together after the fun of being on 13 Ziplines across and around the valley near Mindo. It was a blast.

Then had a bit of time in town. Decided to to a local chocolate company tour.

OK our guide was not the most interesting as we started the tour. James was a bit bored.

Cocoa Pod.

But we learned about the varieties of the Cocoa Plants and how they are turned into Chocolate.

Fruit has Cocoa seeds. That are extracted, fermented, dried, roasted, separated, ground, pressed, Conched, and made into bars of chocolate.

Fermenting …..


With a group of mostly young college students who were great to talk to. They are in a study abroad program and living in Quito for the term.

We are at 4,200 Meters (or 13,797 feet) and surrounded by clouds. It was raining hard during our tour as well.

And a few flowers and plants to enjoy as well.

Separating the seed covers to get to the nibs.

Roasting. This reminded me of how we polished rocks as kids. Not real high tech….. But it does the job.

Explaining the Conking

Starting to look good.

at the end of the tour we got to taste test 100% cocoa with added Sugar, or Ginger, or Cocoa Honey. Was a fun process!

And then a fresh brownie with pure cocoa.

This was the small local chocolate company!

Stopped for dinner because Throttlemeister recommended this pizza. It was good the owner is from Italy. Yummy

It was a great day in Mindo! Small town in the mountains, but casual and fun to hang out!