Just a couple hours and I will be in the air.

Sitting at the Airport in my riding gear…. Just a couple hours before departure. With time to sit and reflect on the past few weeks. Have been busy seeing friends and family so it has been hard to sit down and write a proper Post.

Being on this trip for the past 11 months, and out of country for 7 months, always leaves one wanting to connect with friends. So Morning, noon and night that is what I have been doing. It has been great to have so many great people in my life, and be able to share my lives journeys.

Met with my Good Friends Brad, Dave, Kris and Jeremy for a “manhood” dinner and discussion. Jeremy is graduating High School and we sat down to here is College plans, desires and share some hard earned advice. Was a great evening. One we have shared over the years with all of our Sons.

In between meals with friends, I had to copy over the photos from the trip so far, and clean off all the SD cards to be ready for photos and video in India!
and reassemble a whole to new of gear for this ride.

Had a great birthday and was able to have dinner with my Brother, Scott his Wife Alison and my niece and nephew!! They had to show “uncle” their trampoline moves!

They had great birthday cards ready for me! and some Berry Pie

Having a blast.

After dinner we took a walk and the kids had to take a swing ……

And an impression of what a chicken looks like walking about. :loll

Then I got back and had a visit when I got back from Ladybug, Luke and Allan. Was great to here about the Baja ride that they just returned from!!

After Baja it will need some work. Great job on the race

The “going away” parties continued …… The guys I have had coffee with for years got together after Bob offered to host. And host he did. WOW. Sets the bar very high for entertaining and hospitality!! Thanks Bob and Guys!! Thanks for the encouragement and for participating on this journey!!

What a beautiful May evening with a view out over Portland and Mt St Helens in the background.

Bob had prepared a meal fit for a King!

Some Meat dishes before I go!

Dishing up!

Great conversations as the sun went down….

And Ken already shared the Monday night impromptu gathering….. Yup Saying “goodbye” again.

As always Ken has his camera out and taking photos!

And a last big burger before I go “All Curry”

We sort of just take over the outdoor patio.

and the parking lot

Leave it to Fisherman to have another “Gadget”……

Serious Moto discussions ……

and road trip planning

All my gear packed up and ready to go to the airport. Will put a list of my gear in the next post.

The adventure continues. My friend asked me this morning “are you afraid?” The answer is NO. Whenever you go do something new and out of your comfort zone it comes with thoughts of “what have I done?” but the “fear” is almost always greater than the reality. I have never been to India but know that it will be a great experience! I am excited, and the reality is, in less than 24 hours I will be walking off the plane half way around the world!

Ready to take in all the new experiences and see the Himalayas in person!!

I am so grateful for all my friends and ADV riders that have shared to much, encouraged me and made this Adventure truly special! Thanks for taking the time to follow along, read and participate in this Adventure. You will never know how cool this is for me to have others enjoy the travel with me. certainly makes it worth the efforts to keep posting, editing, photographing and sharing!

Weather in Dehli for the week:deal