Has been great o sound time with Chanderjeet and his lovely family. What gracious hosts!! Also taking time to rest up for the ride ahead.

Needed to get the bikes rented….. We did so as you saw in the video it was my first ride on the back of CJ’s bike in Dehli going to find bikes. We used a small shop that CJ knows and feel like we got a good price for the bikes with insurance included + spare parts. More photos once we pick them up tomorrow.

We rode to a part of town with lots of moto companies.

Sitting in the shop, CJ negotiated a deal for the two bikes.

We took them for a short test ride.

we rented a 2008 and 2010 bikes.Royal enfield Bullets 500 with rack and panniers for about $22 /day with insurance.

All the tools up in the shop.

Was going to tell MoBill this was his to ride :loll

Back later at CJ’s home to have some wonderful food!

This morning we went out to do some shopping for Fresh Mango, and a cantaloupe type fruit.
Weight down by scales on the carts.

CJ negotiating the price.

It is a special treat to be able to spend this much time with CJ, Rica and daughter Sophia! Real work life in India and i get to see it first hand. What a blessing!