Had another great and relaxing day in Dehli. Part of traveling for a long time is finding the time to relax and not do anything. It becomes very important to do this on a regular basis so as not to burn out. It is very hot here at 40+ degrees C or about 110 during the day. As a guy from the PNW it is too hot

We get rolling on out day and CJ is making breakfast!!

His grandmother is in the living room and cleaning the peas for the family meals.

Omelet about to be served….

Omelet with Toast. Thanks CJ

and some wonderful Chai tea with some slightly spicy snacks

Bikes in the courtyard now. I had to add a couple ram mounts for the GoPro camera.

Single cylinder 500CC Enfield will be home for the next 5 weeks of me. Two weeks for MoBill

Not sure what the text means on the headlamp, but Chris will tell me tomorrow I am sure.

Look a round headlight 🙂

And I needed an adapter for all my electronics….. Different outlets. Fortunately all my electronics can plug in using either 120 or 220 power.

Lunch was cooking….. was really good!

I am off to pick up MoBill at the airport in about two hours. Should be great to have him on the ground and then ready to ride in another day or so!~