Making a difference……

So this afternoon we have sorted out gear and gotten ready for 6am departure in the am. I was resting and Bill took a walk around the neighborhood, and was interacting and played a bit of Cricket with the neighborhood kids……..

Later they come knocking on the door to find the guy that played cricket with them Sort of like can MoBill come out and play.

They thought it was cool and wanted his email and Facebook info! This is so cool! Bill the ADV Ambassador connect s with the Locals! So awesome to be traveling with a guy like this

Bill scored 6 runs right off the bat

Bill and the Kids!! Security guard was not so sure……

Kids thought Bill was really cool

May 22nd 5:00 AM

The boys are up and ready to ride.

Packed up the bikes at 5:30 Am, having a bit of breakfast then riding north !!

As always it is a mixture for pure excitement mixed with a slight amount of trepidation as you head off on a new part of the trip. We have not been on our own yet in India, communicating, finding fuel, hotel, roads and to top it off riding on the left side of the road. So this will be interesting as we learn the ropes of riding in India!!

The preparation has been done and now the Adventure starts