Just have a few minutes at as cyber cafe….. Wanted to post a couple photos of todays EPIC riding!!

This is exactly what I came to India to do. Loving riding the Royal Enfield as it is simple and we are having a blast “dual sporting” on them!! We road over Rohtang pass which is just a boy 3,990 Meters ( of just over 13, 000 feet) they were still removing snow since it has been open only one week this year!! What a blast we are having!!

This is my spot tracker google map….. Yes it was as fun as it looks.!

Rohtang pass. You have to look close to see the traversing switch backs, loaded with tourists.

Lined all the way up. We waited over an hour to be be able to start up.

But were totally rewarded after we passed the checkpoint above all the tourists and headed over the pass!


They were still clearing and we had to maneuver around them, no safety crews needed


Riding the back side…. Yes MoBill was stoked!

Up the next valley

Top of the Pass 13,000 most to ourselves and the crews.

I love this Ride!

Met these guys on the downward side. They are Sikh’s on there was to a Temple pilgrimage .

They put Turbans on us for the photo it was so cool!!

The mountain vista’s were amazing! This is certain what drew me to make this trip!

Had a few trucks…… Glad I have a horn

end of a great day of riding!!

Made it to … Keylong. Check you google maps.

Good night for now! What an awesome day of riding in the Himalayas and lots more to come!