After just two hours sleep, I shower and get breakfast at the Dragon Guest House, I get an “Auto Rickshaw” to take me down to the repair shop that we stopped at to fix my horn! Know where it is!!

Here I am. Explain that my bike has broken down and is at the south end of town. So they send there mechanic and another guy with me.

My Enfield Experience…..

We ride through town and my bike is still where I left it at 4:30 this am.

He opens the valve plate, kicks it over, shakes his head. They glad down a three wheel “truck” and the 4 of us lift in into the truck…. so it can get back up to the shop!

Loaded up

Tied in…

We get it off loaded at the shop. and the owners invite me to come in have a cup of tea and wait until the mechanic can wash the bike, then take a look…..

He Jumps right in!

Looks like I have the same problem as before. The front tappet broke, but this time it got wedged in the gears

The lower bearing is also damaged so he is trying to pry it off!

As I wait a bit more, the owner brings me some fresh Cherries. Yummy.

The owner sits with the Mechanic and makes a list of needed parts. He has some of them, but not all of them. He will need to get the parts from Kullu (about 2 hours away). I am tired so I give him the hotel information and directions to give to Bill when he arrives later in the day. This was our plan when we parted. Got an email from him this am from Keylong, that he had to have a new rear sprocket installed in Keylong, then would be along.

Back at the Hotel, I get a hot shower and go back to bed for another couple hours.

Good Hot Water here!

While I was sitting outside my room connecting to the web. I met Liza who is from France. We had a wonderful conversation about life, travel and so many other topics. So fun meeting other travelers along the way. Sharing experiences and connecting about the sights, sounds and smells that we have experienced.

About 3PM, I hear the sound of MoBill’s loud Enfield and he rolls into the hotel parking area! They rush out to greet him and carry his bags to our room.

We catch up on the previous days events and then go find some dinner!!

Somehow the guy that sewed on my spot holder onto my jacket last time we were in Manali, spotted bill, and wanted to polish his boots. Too Funny. They saw him coming

We are staying in Old Manali which is a cool place to hang out. Lots to see and do for sure!

We see lots of the local women hauling with huge baskets….

And now a little time to relax and smell the roses!! these are in the hotel grounds.

On May 31st, we relaxed, rode Bills bike to the shop to have them replace the rack, as it is broken in many places

I check on my bike and they have taken more apart.

MoBill spinning a tale of woe and that he needed to have repairs and his bike washed for his ride back to Delhi!

This cute little guy was watching ……

So we took a walk through town, back to the hotel to find internet access, have lunch and relax. The adventure has been awesome so far, but MoBill only has a few days before he rides back to Delhi to fly home. I will stay here a few more days before riding on for the next 2 weeks before meeting up with CJ and Fat_tony for a little ride in the mountains east of here !