Arrived in Melbourne and had been invited a couple months ago to meet up and stay with Julian and Tania.

I had read there RR about Victoria and Great ocean road, and was great to meet both of them.

It was a rainy day, so we went to explore the Healsville Reserve.

It is a great way to see the Animals that are out in Australia!

Started with Emu’s

Of course the icons of Australia. Koala’s. Not super animated, but fun to see up close.

And a echidna

Kangaroo’s This mama has paws coming out of her pouch.

Wallabies up close.


Birds exhibits

Then the great Birds of Prey show. My photos just did not come out too well, but the hawks, Buzzards and other birds were amazing!

Then the Yabby that escaped the Platupus area….

We had a great day talking about the area, doing a drive through the rainy Mountains.

Was a pleasure to spend time together! Thanks J + T