Monday May 27th. Left Bewong and rode down the coast before turning west toward the Snowy Mountains.

Beautiful coastline, but a cloudy morning.

Arrived in Cooma, where I was meeting up with Steve (bergdonk)

He is an excellent guide and historian of the area. Told me about the “Snowy Mountain Scheme” which is a huge and complex hydroelectric and water project undertaken in 1949-1974.

One of the memorials for the men that lost their lives during the construction of the project. This was a cost of these projects as big and industrial as they were.

One thing about riding here in the winter is the very short days. It does not get light until 7 ish and dark around 5 ish. and of course I know not to ride at night here with all the animals.

But Steve took me the back way to their home in Numeralla, so I could get a bit of perspective. Also saw Wallabies and Kangaroo’s and also some dead Wombats along the way.

We arrived at his house. He had built it over the years! We had a great Curry dinner that Steve prepared, and his lovely wife Sandra and his Mate Bruce and famliy came for dinner. Thanks! was a great evening

Then in the morning, Steve guided me through the Barry Way and into Victoria!! (my second Australian State). The Barry way is through the mountains on dirt /gravel roads.

We rolled out on the cool fall morning. Slabbed it to Jindabyne

then into the mountain areas.

More history of Jindabyne, the lakes, and the immigration! Steve is a wealth of knowledge of the area.

Steve and his Farkled up DR650.

My first real bit of off road here in Australia.

Had some Black Wallabies cross in front of me while riding. As I started to ride faster down the dirt tracks…. you realize there is lots of wildlife that is active and you need to stay alert

Hard to capture the area, but it was great!

As we progressed down to the Pinch river valley.

We crossed into Victoria !!

Then a stop at Suggan Buggan 1860 School. Had a break and some lunch.


Had a great ride. Then Steve Doubled back and I carried on into Victoria.

Thanks Steve! Was terrific tour of the area!

Rode down to Bruthen, then turned north on the Great Alpine Road. Stayed at a pub in Omeo for the night! More on this tomorrow!