The beauty of Antarctica is amazing in sheer size and magnitude.

The mountains and islands are huge and very majestic !

Taking a zodiac into one of the research bases.

This is a British base

It is fun watching the penguins walk about the island.

It would have really been fun to have my bike in antarctica…… But it is not possible to get a bike on the ship anymore, so I did the next best thing! Bike parts on Antarctica!

Then off to a new place….. This is one of the Argentina Bases that we stopped in…

and a cool iceberg that is right near the landing point.

and a group hike to the top of the mountain.

As we took a zodiac ride around the bay, we look back and realize that we were sitting on top of this rock. (no guard rails, warnings or safety warnings )

Lots of penguin watching as they are keeping their eggs warm….

And Suzanne took these great photos of the penguins.

But we got to spend a fair amount of time just sitting and watching them walking on their trails.

Then back on the ship for a BBQ and big Birthday Celebration for Suzanne and one of the other passengers.

The Birthday Girls serving Cake and Champagne!

Amazing days exploring antarctica. The staff and Crew of the Plancius were great at keeping the trip interesting, sharing their love of Antarctica with all of us!