More Buenos Aires!

So I returned to Buenos Aires after seeing the amazing Iguazu. The first thing to do Monday morning was to go get my motorcycle gloves. Remember back at the last border crossing into Argentina enroute to Ushuaia. Had one of my Motoport winter gloves stolen. Well I contacted Wayne from Motoport USA and explained the situation, wondering if he had a spare left glove that he could send me so that I would have a set. Well he did!! Thanks Wayne for doing this!! It is great buying from companies that support you in your endeavors and help when you need it, not just before the sale. Have had his riding gear for a long time now and been very happy with the gear!

It took over a month to ship them to Ushuaia and I had already left. But I had left the right glove with Javier at the Martin Fierro B&B where I stayed, and told him if the glove arrives, we can figure out how to get it to me. Worked out great. He let me know when it arrived, and then had one of his guest from Germany bring it with them when they flew up to Buenos Aires on there way home. Thanks Thanks to Maike and Joaquin for bring it up and leaving it at their hotel for me to collect!! Kindness of strangers!

So now I have some warm gloves for NZ.

Time for some sightseeing while I take breaks from working on logistics while I head to NZ. Lots of things to consider, plan, book, think about prior to getting it al sorted out.

First to the Opera house for a tour.

It is an amazing building of Marble, stone and wood.

I have seem many building around the world like this and I still enjoy learning about the architect (3 on this building with interesting stories about each of them), the builders, the craftsmanship.

In the hallway outside the main auditorium were busts of famous composers

Love the stained glass from France

and the amazing work on the tile floors. Have done some tile work and know how much work it would be to do an entire building!

and then the gold leaf and molding in the “golden hall” resembling the great hall of mirrors in Versailles.

Amazing details in a huge building

Claude was proud that it is in a French style

Then into the main auditorium …. seats 3,000 people and is said to be one of the top 5 opera venues in the world due to the near perfect acoustics

Yup Claude is here

7 floors of seating

and a huge Chandelier.

Once back at the Apartment. Claude was staying in and cooking “at home” which is great after being on the road many months

Always fun to see what people load on there bikes. This guy was loaded down with high end dog food. looks like he is delivering them!

But I decided to join my KiWi friends Dick and Gavin to see a dinner and Tango show. It was the biggest one in town, bit expensive but was worth seeing while I am here!

Another beautiful building done in Art Deco style

Started with a 3 course meal, then the show.


Missed my photo of the main course

But dessert was great!

The main Tango show.

It was a great performance of Tango dancing!!

Constant motion….. Beautiful Women and their partners twirling, dipping and moving across the stage!

Great evening out on the town!!