Climbing the volcano Pacaya in Guatemala……. it dark and we are hiking down the trail…… Damien says. Hey, you Radioman, heard you talking about your ride earlier. :lol3

[QUOTE=rawdog] Radioman, nice to run into you on Volcan Pacaya yesterday!

Bien Viaje!

Then another ADV rider posts up a message….

[QUOTE=mwillia] Finished the first leg of my trip last week, Chicago to Panamá. At three of the many border crossings someone asked me, “Are you Radioman?” You’re famous! Great RR! :clap

Seriously? after I messaged him…… he replied:

“Yes it is true, even though we look nothing alike. Except maybe to a non-rider to whom anyone on a moto wearing riding gear looks the same. Anyway, while at the Mexican/Guatemala border a member of a group of what appeared to be student travelers or backpackers asked me if I was Radioman. I had previously subscribed to your post so I knew of the name, and simply told the student that, no, I’m just another rider. A bit later, someone else in the group said they had met you somewhere along your journey. While waiting to be processed out of El Salvador, another traveller asked me the same thing. FInally, as I was exiting Honduras, yet another person mentioned that he had been following your RR, as well as others, for insight and information.”

Wow. Small world for Radioman 😀