I started my ride on June 4th with a ride to the Oregon coast with Camogreg (and the start of his cross country ride!) I am now on my 9th month on the road (about 38,000 miles), 6 months of which have been outside the US.

Had a plan when I left, but always knew that it would change as I progressed. That is what my expectation has always been.

I slowed down my ride in South America, because I needed more time to explore and have enjoyed 2 months in Colombia and 5 weeks in Ecuador. In doing so, it has substantially changed the timing of getting to Ushaia in Argentina, which will be heading into winter soon. That means I now have until November/December/January to ride to the end of the road.

To share a bit more of my story, and motivation to my change of plans.

Years ago, Chanderjeet traveled to the US with sponsorship from the generous contributions of time, hospitality and money of many advriders, it was called the International Friendship Ride! I had the pleasure of meeting CJ, and a brief ride out to the Oregon coast for lunch before Camogreg escorted him further south. I told him then, that I planned to come ride in the India and specifically the Himalayas, after reading his amazing ride reports and seeing his photos! Thanks CJ for the inspiration!

Seeing sights like this….

Here is his thread about his ride in the USA.

Some of Chanderjeets RR from India…… (Spiti Valley and Chandertal) (Dharamsala) (Chitkul) (Chitkul) (Ladakh, Kashmir)

His book link:

Here is my new plan:

End of March I have a friend flying down from Oregon to go to the Galapagos Islands for a 6 day cruise, and some days exploring this unique place. Then I will fly back to Oregon so that I can start the Visa process for India, get my taxes done (yup, I am a responsible US citizen), handle a few other issues, and then mid May (depending on several factors) fly to India buy or rent a bike for couple months depending on how all my plans go. Then return to Ecuador to pick up my bike and continue exploring Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Possibly Brazil…..

That is my new plan…. which is now set in place. Tickets purchased back to the US, arrangements made to store my bike securely in Ecuador and a slightly new direction!! (of course it is open to change ……as always when on a great adventure!)

Let the Ride Continue!!