Having had a great evening with Dick and Diana’s Friends Pete and Danelle. It was time for a motorcycle ride to the furthest points of the North Island of NZ. Pete (America) and Danelle (Canadian) are also motorcyclists!!

We ride up to Cape Reinga which is the most northernly spot that the main road takes you. The meeting of the Pacific Ocean and Tasman sea.

You can see the currents meeting out in Front of the lighthouse!

Hey I am riding in NZ! Wahooo. Calls for a bit of a jump.

Dick Hubbard, and my new friends Pete and Danelle.

The four of us!

Chatted with a Nice British young lady named Charlie who took our photo, and I think if I had an extra Helmet she would have ridden on with us!!

Then a walk down to the Lighthouse.

Lots of places far away from here.

Lots of Narrow bridges to cross.

Then a ride down to see the large sand dunes. Could have ridden down the river to the beach, but with a couple of sport touring bikes on street tires, needed to save that for another day!

Just beautiful!

Then down the road to another access point for the beach. Nice section of deep soft sand to cross to get to the beach.

Waking up in Mangonui with a fantastic view of the bay…. and the wonderful Hospitality of Pete and Danelle and Dick.

We were invited to a dinner with some other local friends….

Becky made some amazing food for the evening!

A really great evening meeting new people, sharing stories and just enjoying the time here in NZ!

Of course Bruce capturing the photo of his guests!! Thanks Bruce and Becky!! Wonderful!

And then a fabulous dessert to top off the evening!

Another great couple days in New Zealand. Will be back on the road myself later today….. Finally have the training wheels off here in NZ. Should be fun!!