Stayed at the Koala Den in Potosi. The bike parking was a bit fun if I can get the video uploaded!

After a great 10 days riding through Bolivia together, we would be heading our separate ways. Mike and Jill would be riding to Sucre with me, then heading to Cochabamba where they will be spending a month at a NGO. It is always interesting to me as a solo traveler how you meet people and quickly connect while riding together. Then you our off on your own again.

It is always with a mix of sadness the time together is over, and also a bit of trepidation on being on your own again. The little things on the road while finding places to stay are easier while traveling with others. Someone to talk it over with, watch bikes while you check the hostel or just figuring out where you need to go. Just a few thoughts from the road.

That Said. I really appreciated traveling with Mike and Jill in Bolivia. Certainly made my ride better in many ways!!

As we headed out of Potosi it was a normal crazy city exit, as nothing is signed….. but we made it out of town heading toward Sucre. Nice peaceful ride. With some good roads.

Sucre is at around 9,000 feet so we worked our way through the mountains and valleys to get there. just a couple hour ride!

Just another note. I had read about issues getting gas in Bolivia and we were turned down a couple times, but it seems that at these stations somehow we always were able to get gas. Not sure if they are Nationally run stations or ?

When we reached the outskirts of Sucre, we stopped to fill up gas…. And say our goodbye! Adois Amigos!

Jill was stocking up on water and snacks!

I ride into the whitewashed Colonial town of Sucre. Everyone I talked to like this town.

Found the great little Hostel my buddy Hector recommended. Great place to hang out for some days!

S19 02.561 W65 15.359 there are a few one way streets you need to navigate.

But I got to ride right up to my room in the nice courtyard.

Have hung out here for 3 days! Relaxed and rested up. Met some other great travelers from all over the world. Somehow I did not get photos though We hung out, eat some meals together and shared our travel stories!! These are times that really make travel fun!!

to Jeremy and Avi (france) Jamie (New Zealand) Ian Matu & manu (switzerland)

It is a fun place to walk around.

it is a city of 200,000 but the core town is upscale compared to the rest of Bolivia. Was the Capital of Bolivia before it moved to La Paz.

Lots of little squares and churches to see.

Made some new traveling friends here in Sucre….. and also ran into Buddy who I met in Ecuador ….. Seems like a small world as you head south and run into other travelers!

My time in Bolivia is winding down as I will be riding south toward Argentina. Will take a couple days to get to a new country. Even with lots of time….. You must keep moving as I have to be in Ushuaia the second week of December…..

Off I go!