Cafayate to La Rioja

Time to keep moving south. Know that the next few days will be making some miles to Mendoza. It is about 600+ miles south/southwest to Mendoza, just heading down the valley. Not much to stop for, other than the small towns, so I am up early for a ride.

My rear TKC 80 is getting thin….. So I hope to make it to Santiago to replace it…. We will see. Mendoza is fairly large so I might be able to get one there.

out the valley then up over the mountains toward Tucuman

Some fog as I cruise along through the green fields in this area. Got up to 7,000 feet or so

Then some nice lush mountains with winding roads

Buen Viaje “gracias”! As I ride the roads have very light traffic, and I am out in very rural areas…

Fortunately I love getting on my bike and riding. Just taking in the landscapes, the towns and the area. In Argentina, I love that the stop lights have yellow to let you know about when to go.

Then back to wide open spaces

Blue sky ahead

I arrive in La Rioja. Which is a bigger town. I find the Hotel Embajar. Which is OK, just a place to stop.
for the night really. But had a great meal in town.

and a walk around the plaza. Saturday Mass in full swing.

Went to bed fairly early as I have another 300+ mile ride to Mendoza in the morning.