Santiago, Chile

Santiago. Had a great stay in Santiago. It is a big modern city unlike any other city that I have been in to in South America. As my amazing host Martyn said; “it just works”

I cannot be thankful enough for the people that I have met along the journey, and in Santiago Martyn and Kate (and their son George) that opened their home to me in Santiago Helping me get set up at BMW service, Then providing with a comfy bed and hospitality and great conversations about Life, Kids, travel, motobikes and so many other topics was really awesome! It is one of the experiences of meeting other great people with a motorcycle connection that you feel like could be friends for a lifetime!! It is hard to be able to express how much this impacts a journey like the one I am on. So you just say with a heartfelt thanks!

And their son George was great, when I got there he handed me a cup of tea……. In a KTM mug

And we shared some great Chilean Wine and Peruvian Pisco Sours. Including a great dinner of Grill steak and homemade Yorkshire pudding (gravy was on the table but not on my plate yet!)

Thanks for helping me with the At the BMW service center. Met Paulo from San Paulo who was with his buddies. Invited me to his house in San Paulo!

Love the money in Chile Color coded and waterproof!

And I had to stop at Walmart for a couple adapters as they are different here in Chile 🙂

After a great visit in Santiago it was time to hit the road. The petrol stations are really nice here with a restaurant, cash machine WIFI…..

Petrol is about $6.00/Gallon

Looking forward to riding the southern part of Chile, Patagonia, Caraterra Austral, and Argentinian Lakes District!