Another great day in Oaxaca. Samuel arrived late last night from Houston and his family wedding! We decided to stay and do a bit of sightseeing at Monte Alban the archaeological site near the city.

lots to see in the small museum near the entrance.

Carved shells that must have come from the coast 150 miles away.

site plan…..

Then we started walking the complex…. really cool. Nice breeze blowing to keep the temps nice……

Samuel thinking it is pretty cool place to check out!

The stairs are really steep!!

Great views of this ancient city……

Checking out the construction

Looking back on the city of Oaxaca

As promised….. Bathroom shots. I liked the foot pedal flush. Do not have to touch !

Oh, and a little time to smell the flower (right Bug Sister!)

Spotted the Postal Motorbike delivering mail. All color coordinated.

Like any tourist site…. lots of vendor trying to sell us Zapata scultpures, Necklaces, and Hats!

On our way back to the hotel we walked through the big market in town. Lots of things to see, smell and take in here!

Offered lots of Grasshoppers as it is a speciality in Oaxaca

All this stuff is making is hungry….. so time for lunch in one of the small shops. Sopa looks good!

Then time for Samuel to have some dessert

Back through the Zocalo

Cathedral on the main Zocalo.

Huge pipe organ.

cool vaulted ceiling. the architecture is fun to see, as well as the craftsmanship.

up the main pedestrian walking street.

Back up by Santa Domingo church. This was wear they were filming the movie on the weekend, but it is almost all cleaned up!

Had a great day, when local to a small restaurant and had a great time!