We headed out early in the morning to ride while it is cool. Started at 60 degrees and by the time we got to the coast it was 87 degrees and really humid. Know it is starting into Winter in the northern US…. So I am smiling

Riding out of Oaxaca. Tuk Tuks…

We ride south on Hwy 175 into the mountains which was a great road. It reached over 7,000 feet and Samuel and I felt like we were home!!

Stopped for Breakfast at a small roadside place.

Sam was happy for Coffee

Up we go!

Town near the top.

Sam stopping to get a shot. no real places to stop.

Then heading down the mountain toward to beach.

Gets warmer, and much more humid and tropical.

We take Lars and Harietta’s recommendation and find “Hotel” Shambala . Amazing view over Zipolite.

Built in the 1960’s Shambala was the first thing here. Yoga, Meditation is part of the history. Also this part of the beach is a nude beach. No, No Radioman kept his cloths on

Nice view from our “Bungalow”.

Sort of a “swiss family Robinson” set up. Her is Sam heading up our stairs.

Did I say that it was a nice view? Yes it is. We are staying another day to relax and enjoy the Beach.

Dinner was great!! Grilled Fresh Tuna.

Woke up early and caught the sunrising. If you look at a map the sun is now setting north of us… We do not even see it set anymore.

cool morning with the sunrising. Awesome!