Santiago to Pucon, Chile

Ready to update …… Sitting in Bariloche, Argentina on Thanksgiving Day. It is strange being away from home on Holidays as all the traditions and time with family and friends make these days special!! I am thankful for the opportunity to be out riding in the world and can reflect on all the things that make life special. So I miss my family and friends, but smile at the day in front of me!! Thanks to all that have encouraged and interacted with me on this Ride Report!! It really has made this journey amazing!! THANK YOU!!

I rode out of Santiago 4 days ago after great hospitality of Martyn and Kate. It was a beautiful sunny day and I had decided that due to my schedule heading to Ushuaia (2nd time I had a schedule on the trip and it is always a bit hard. I paid for my Antarctic trip, so now I have to make it!) So I took Ruta 5 due south 480 miles to Pucon which is supposed be a cool little town on a lake.

The ride was mostly straight down the valley, with the Andes on my left and lots of farms, orchards, and vineyards. It is a toll road, so unfortunately I had to stop and pay tolls all along the way. Think it ended up being around $10 USD total for the day. But I could cruise along at 120-130KM, so it was good to make the miles!

I love riding, even with straight roads as it is all about enjoying the moments! Funny signs as I crossed a bridge …. 0 Accidents with a smiley face.

As I headed toward Pucon…. The view of the Villarrica Volcano was great! LOng day riding and looking forward to finding a place to stay for a few days.

Picked this place which was great!! Coordinates to come. Would recommend it but there seems to be tons of cool looking hostels in town! it was 8000 Pesos for the night (around $16.65 USD) night. way cheaper than getting my own room!

Pulled right into the front yard.

Say hello to Susan and Christopher for me!

The volcano is peeking out from the clouds all day.

Nice views from town.

There is a big lake with a black sand beach…

And good food in town. Met Chris and His wife (forgot her name oops) who were also enjoying the sunshine and good food! Always great to meet other travelers and share your stories! :wave enjoy your travels!

Met up with a couple American Guys Joe and Joe and we had a great evening cooking dinner and sharing stories!! thanks Guys enjoy your travels!

This hostel had nice rooms and great kitchen. Would have been worth staying a bit longer, but have to keep moving south right now!

One last view of the mountain!