A day at the beach!!

Sunrise was great!!

breakfast with an amazing view!!

Spent a good part of the day sitting here and out on the beach.

Looking back up at our hotel. We were in the top “bungalow”

At the beach this crazy goose kept attacking people.

Tall white guy taking a swim.

Then a nap.

This is the Hippie place we stayed. Built in the 60’s Thanks Ken for the musical interlude.

Great place to sit and enjoy!

Stairs to our place.

Some other cool places nearby.

Walking up to the meditation point on top of the hill, I enjoyed the hard work of the ants……. They were all heading down this morning when I checked out this area, in the afternoon, they were carrying leaves, flowers etc back to there nest. Hard working!

Afternoon nap

Then back down to the beach for dinner.

Really nice to just hang out and enjoy. Wishing you all were with us!!

Back to our room to get some sleep. Mosquito Netting over the bed to keep the bugs out. could hear the crashing of the waves all night long!