The weather looked like it was going to start to change, so I rode on down the road!

Nice roads ….. Beautiful roads.

In Argentina you see roadside memorials covered in Red flags/markers…

As I road along I passed a group of Motorcyclists, then stopped at a overlook, and the rest of the group of Argentineans were waiting. We had a great interaction and here are a couple guys reading my business card and web info!

The pavements ends and turns to nice gravel road that continues through the mountains and around the lakes.

Had a bit of rain and the temps dipped into the mid 30’s (1-2 degrees C) …..


Great riding!

And the Lupines were out!! Awesome

Nice lakes and mountains.

The skies were clearing but it is still cold, and getting a taste of the Patagonian winds!

Rolled into San Carlos de Bariloche. It is a bigger town, but I liked it!

Found the Hostel Periko’s. Great Hostel

It has two great people that welcomed me. Meet Juieta and Charlie. They are great!!

Had a dorm room to myself!! for 70 Peso ($16.00)

Got into town early so I had time to get a good meal. WOW Argentinean Steaks! Very Tasty

As I had read and now experiencing….. The costs go way up in Argentina and Chile. $$$ Liked the sign at the ATM. Needed to Extract some cash to keep up!

ATM’s are in english…..

So far I am really loving Argentina and Chile. This feels like home !! The roads are good, the mountains, Lakes, trees and temps….. and of course the people!!