We road about 140 miles from Arriagua to San Cristobal going from almost sea level to over 7,000 feet. We stayed at a nice little roadside hotel last night.

We road a bit more “Cuota” toll road so we would have the most time in San Cristobal. We were in one spot that had two overpasses to nowhere….. This was one of them. Why did they build it here??? Questions on the road.

Riding through Mexico are many “topes” or speedbumps. Along with the bumps to slow you down there are vendors that us it as a place to sell there wares.

All around Mexico are guys with Motorbikes and there Cargo trunks with goods to deliver.

As we rolled up into the mountains we rode through the fog.

San Cristobal is high in the mountains and a sprawling town of about 250 people.

As we have done in every place that we stop. We find a Pemex Station for Gas, take a break, hydrate and formulate a plan to enter the city and find a place to stay. When it was really hot and Humid this really worked well for us!

The Gas attendants were very interested in our “Grande” moto’s and we were able to ask directions to the street we wanted to find.

This is a busy town with lots of Language schools, artists, music so we decided to stay in a Hostel to have more social interaction.

There are a bunch of walking streets including Calle de Guatalupe.

Tons of street venders selling colors candies.

Found Arno’s favorite Bar in town (I remember it from his RR)

Had a great lunch.