San Cristobal de las Casa is a cool city. We just spent the day walking the city, exploring, drinking coffee and eating at street side restaurants. We stayed at the Pasado Mexico Hostel, and met other travelers from Australia (meet Daniel who is driving a jeep with his brother to Panama and surfing) and Doug from the UK. Canterberry to be exact! We had a great time talking with them in the morning and at night!

We started by hiking up to the church on one end of the city.

To get a view of the city.

Local peoples heading into town.

Someone building a wall of a building with Glass and plastic bottles.

Then I had a kid come up to me and was telling me that he had a school project (in Spanish) and he wanted me to fill out my name, country and then asked me for money. No Gracias….. He took the paper back when Sam took this paper and erased my name cleaver kid.

Sam had his good camera and took this photo for me.

Great town to walk and enjoy.

Lots of the local peoples selling there wares.

Water delivery….. That is how people get fresh drinking water. In the pedestrian areas they use the three wheel bikes, in towns and villages trucks drive around playing a tune so that people know they are delivering. Same with Propane Gas.

Walking district …..

Seems like we see a ton of VW autos all over Mexico. the Beetles (Bug) are still popular but also jetta’s.

We met a couple of BMW 1200GS riders from Veracruz in the Zocalo, and had a great talk about riding and safety in Mexico. They have some real issues in there hometown of Veracruz.

Then a guy selling fresh squeezed juice.

Hung out at the hostel in the afternoon. They were having internet issues and also the water has not been working either. But we were about to get a shower this Am. Felt great.

We stopped to get some lunch. My grilled Chicken was great!!

Samuel was digging his Spagetti Bolonesa!

Having a great time in San Cristobal. Reflective on this Thanksgiving week. I have so much to be Thankful for, but also had a down day thinking about my Life with Chris, Thanksgiving with close friends that I will not be with this week like that past 7-8 years. These are things to be very thankful for, and you miss them when you are not there.