San Carlos de Bariloche

Made it to Bariloche on November 21st. Thanksgiving Eve in the USA. Always a bit strange being away from home, Family and friends and the traditions, food, and excitement of the holidays. No one here is doing anything different

Awoke Thanksgiving Morning and it was another nice day. Had breakfast at the Hostel and then took a ride around the “tourist” loop east of town. You ride along the lake what is full of hotels and businesses until you get out aways …..

Great views, couple golf courses and big resorts. This reminds me of many of the mountain towns …… and I like them!

Lots of people come out and ride bicycles, and enjoy the views

This Woman from Argentina was excited to see the bike and had to sit on it for a photo….. Her mom took the photo with her finger on the lens. A group of bicycles stopped to say Hello as well!

The road loops through the foothills and around several big lakes.

And a view at the Punta Panorama

Then some gravel roads to the Swiss village

Beautiful views

Enjoyed the natural wood and stone homes. This one had a cool sculpture in the front yard.

Yea great area for a ride!!

Then in the spirit of Thanksgiving I headed back to town to find a big meal. Got a chance to talk with my brothers, Son, and wish friends Thanksgiving day! For I am feeling very grateful for this trip, the experiences and the people I have met!

Turkey is not the big menu item. So Steak it is!! Was not a cheap meal, but it was really good!!

Gustavo The chef cooking up my Ribeye steak!!

Thanksgiving indeed. The steak portions are huge. Needed someone to share the whole meal with….. But enjoyed the moment.

Patagonia. Living up to my expectations and I am just getting started !