Thanks so much for the Thanksgiving wishes! Had a great day, but not the usual Thanksgiving with Family and Friends. It was Thanksgiving in the Jungle with Lots of bugs, howler Monkeys and other travelers.

Just something that goes with the territory. We were in Palenque visiting the ruins!! But need to back up and post some photos from the ride from San Cristobal.

We road about 130 miles through the mountains then down to the Jungle. Was a great day of riding!!

San Cristobal was a fun city to hang out in!!

Fun to just walk and check out things going on.

We had lots of up’s and downs getting on the internet. Might have had to do with this guy working on the phone lines

Lots of great Pollo Asada

And time to sit and relax and have a cup of coffee!

and get our Laundry done!

Sam was really excited to have all his cloths cleaned!!

Met some great people in San Cristobal. Meet Douglas from the UK. He has traveled many parts of the world, and we had a great time talking with him.

On November 23rd we headed out of San Cristobal. The propane trucks bring new Gas around town in trucks. They lower a chain with round metal rings that create a distinct ringing sound so that people know to come out and get there refills.

We had a great ride through the mountains toward Palenque.

Stopped for Lunch at this roadside place. We could smell the Pollo Asada…

These Gals were very thankful that we stopped and eat there Chicken!!

As we rode through the mountains we started down into the jungle….

This is one of the reasons that we do not ride at night in Mexico… This one is actually marked, but many are not!

We also stopped for a drink at a roadside Teinda. Sam came back from the Bano…. chuckling. You need a photo if this….. Nice wooden outhouse Bano….

But it had a great view

Paul asked about Military Check points. Here is one that they were adjusting the Speed bumps and tire puncture devises.

We arrived in the afternoon.

Found this place.

Tomorrow we will see the ruins …. It will be Thanksgiving Day back in the States.